Feb 14

IDW announces “City Fall” a turtles event that will see Leonardo go to the dark side and join the Shredder!

IDW has announced, through an interview with CBR, that massive story-line will be introduced with Issue #21 which might see Leonardo join the Shredder. The 7 issue arc will also introduce some favorite mutants and see Hun (from the 2k3 series) make his IDW Debut.

Another great news, is the fact that Mateus Santolouco, the great artist behind the History of the first Clan’s 1st issue, will be the main ongoing artist for the IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles books. Anybody else is excited as i am ?

From the CBR interview:

CBR News: IDW’s Turtles series has been working hard to set up the big pieces of the universe from issue #1, and there have been long-running plot threads within that. At what point did this “Cityfall” story become a part of the larger plan?

Bobby Curnow: I’d say it was right when we were wrapping our first Shredder storyline, around issues #10 through 12. That’s where we started thinking about what Shredder’s long term goals were, how that would impact the Turtles and how we could start to introduce other characters that way. Around then, we started thinking about the fact that one of Shredder’s main goals since he learned about the Turtles was to destroy this family. And one of the best ways to do that is take one of them and take him as your own. We’ve been seeding that idea at various places in the story with Leonardo. From there, it was all about figuring out what the most organic time was to let this all fly, and now that time has come.


From what I understand, we start with Raphael and Casey before shifting to the story of Leo and Shredder. Where did you guys want to place most of the cast to have the biggest impact for the story?

This is a slight spoiler for the current story where they’re in Dimension X fighting Krang, but they come back feeling pretty good. They’re working well together. There’s a lot of potential dangers out there, but they’re a family, and they feel like they’re firing on all cylinders. Of course, that’s when everything completely falls apart.

What we’re going by taking Leonardo out of the picture is that the rest of the Turtles are forced to say, “How do we work? Without Leo, how do we function as a collective core?” And there’s some other big stuff going on, too. One of the supporting characters is going to be fighting for their life. All of the shit is going to be hitting the fan at once, and they realize they’re not prepared for what’s coming at all. Each Turtle is going to take that differently. We’re going to see Raphael at his most angry and impulsive. We’ll see Donatello struggling for a logical response to all this. And Michelangelo is going to be super bummed and depressed because his family and his happy-go-lucky lifestyle is endangered. So it’ll affect each one of them differently. It’ll be interesting to see if they can all come back together and find a way to make their family whole again, because that’s the most important thing right now.


Head over to CBR to read the full interview

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