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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Micro-Series Leonardo Review

Hitting Comic book stores shelves tomorrow, the 4th issue of the Ninja Turtles Micro Series will focus on the turtles leader, Leonardo, as he encounters the enigmatic Foot Clan for the first time. The issue is written by Brian Lynch and drawn by Ross Cambell, while colors are applied by Jay Fotos

So how does this new issue fares? Keep reading to find out (Warning: Minor Spoilers ahead)


The story of this issue takes place right after Issue 8 of the ongoing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by IDW. Hob has kidnapped Splinter, and the turtles are going to split up to better search for their beloved master. Trying to pick up any trace, Leonardo decides to go back to Stockman’s lab where their whole story first began. However before reaching his goal, Leo is attacked by members of the foot clan. Faring quite well, at first, against the unwelcome visitors, Leonardo soon feels overwhelmed as more and more ninjas surrounds the wise Turtle who decides to change his tactics and head in doors to avoid been surrounded. Before the fight comes to an end, and without spoiling the issue to you, an enigmatic character shows up whose mysterious identity will be the subject of many forums in the next few days.

The Story is written by Brian Lynch and while not much ground is covered story wise, as this is more of an action driven issue, Leonardo’s inner monologue is definitely an interesting one, as it seems Leo is starting to regain memories form his past life. And, unlike Donatello, he firmly believes that he and his brothers are the reincarnated sons of Hamato Yoshi. Leonardo’s personality is also very well showcased int his issue and his instinct and strategies, as a leader, are well portrayed by the writer.

My only minor grip with the story is that, like previous issues, humans who are seeing the Turtles for the first time do not act surprised that a 5ft tall talking turtles is in front of them. But that is something that IDW has chose from the get go, and fans seems to respect that. All in all, the story is well written, coherent and leaves you on the edge of your seat each time you reach the end of a page, but as many are expecting, the real highlight of this issue is the beautiful art by Ross Cambell.


Unlike previous Ninja Turtles IDW issues, Leonardo’s micro series is the first time artist Ross Campbell is drawing the Turtles, and boy does he deliver. His portrayal of the turtles (mainly Leo) is fresh and amazing. The action feels alive and moves smoothly from panel to panel as if you are watching an animated sequence. The backgrounds are well chosen, full of details that immerse the reader into the non stop action of Leo vs the Foot. After reading this issue i find myself hoping that Mr Campbell will do more Ninja Turtles comic book in the future as his talent is definitely fitting the Turtles world.

Coloring this issue is Jay Fotos, who did a fantastic job creating an eerie, intense mood with his dark colors, combined with Ross Campbell’s art make this issue the most beautiful Teenage Muatnt Ninja Turtles comic to date.

Closing Comment:

With a good story that gives the Turtles their first battle with the Foot Clan, the introduction of an enigmatic mysterious character that will stir fans speculation,and with fantastic art and colors, that will make the turtles first Foot Clan encounter an even more memorable experience, Leonardo Micro series is by far the most beautiful and most solid Micro series issue released to date, and is definitely a must have for any Turtles fan.

SCORE: 9.5/10


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