Mar 28

Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #8

Hitting store shelves today, the 8th issue of the ongoing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles continues the 2nd arc of this awesome reboot. So how is this issue compared to the last ones? Keep reading to find out.

ps: Beware, the following review contain some spoilers!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #8 picks up right where the last issue ended. With the Turtles home being attacked by the infamous mousers robots whom are controlled by the sneaky mutant cat Old hob. The fight rages on, as the turtles are outnumbured by the wall munching robots. Hob’s intentions are clear, as Baxter stockman explained to an impatient general krang: Retrieving splinter to their labs in order to extract the mutagen, in its pure form, from his body. Baxter also explained the reason why he didn’t just extract the mutagen from Old Hob. The mutagen in his blood has been tainted by being exposed to the ground in the alley where the old cat first came in contact with the ooze.

Unhappy with Stockman’s slow progress, General Krang (who seems to be losing a battle with what appears to be a more serious and adult version of the neutrinos from the 4th episode of the original ninja turtles cartoon series) made it clear that failure will mean death for Baxter.

Meanwhile, we finally get to See April and Casey together, as they both tell their stories over a coffee place table. however upon hearing the name Splinter from April’s lab attack story, Casey takes her to the sewers to meet the turtles. an event that fans have been waiting for quite sometime, and that unfolds in both a different and familiar way.

The story, written by Tom Waltz in collaboration with Kevin Eastman, is a non stop Turtle action. And while most action packed comic issues are light on the story telling, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #8 still finds ways to develop its characters. Donatello comes out as the smart one who could use his knowledge even during the heat of battle. Raph is definitely coming out as the short tempered we know and love, as he tells his brothers that Hob needs to be killed, an idea that he mentions twice. Krang’s character is also developed is know more about his war, part of his intentions, as well as what he thinks of the ninja clan that tried to stole the mutagen back in the first issue.  All in all a solid story and a great script that alternates between heavy action story telling moments in a very natural way.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #8 is drawn by Dan Duncan, the same artist who did the previous 7 issues. And while Duncan has been doing a great job since the first issue, he definitely outdone himself this time around. The artist conveys the situation depicted in the page in a clear focused way. You could understand the story by only looking at the art.


Whether it is the turtles fighting the mousers and getting outnumbered, or seeing raph’s angry face, to General krang who feels imposing and dangerous even though we can only see his eyes. A job very well done by Dan Duncan who proves to be the perfect man for the job.

The issue has been colored by colorist Ronda Pattison, who did a great job breathing life into the pictures. the colors are consistent, and makes you glad that the IDW chose to publish this comic in colors unlike the previous Mirage series.

Closing Comment:

With a great story, alternating between heavy action and plot development, great art bringing the Turtles and their environment to life, and excellent coloring that breath life into an already well drawn comic. Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles #8 is a solid issue and must a read for any Ninja Turtles fan.

Final Score: 9/10 



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