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May 03

Video of the day: The Ninja Turtles learn to use their weapons

Apr 05

Video(s) of the day: The complete “behind the shells: Making of TMNT” documentary

Apr 02

Video of the day: The Angry video game nerd reviews the first Nes TMNT game

Mar 31

Video of The day: Rob Paulsen talk about the upcoming Ninja turtles series from Nickelodeon

Rob Paulsen is known for being the voice of Raphael in the original 87 Ninja Turtles cartoon. He will be voicing Donatello in the upcoming Nickelodeon Tv series.

Mar 30

Video of the Day: Original 87 cartoon intro recreated using Toys, drawings, and Stop motion

Mar 29

Funny: Grown-up Alien Ninja Turtles theme song (maybe a bit NSFW)

Mar 29

Video of the day: Ninja Turtles Movie Director talks to IGN about the Alien controversy

Mar 28

Video of the Day: The classic Ninja Turtles Cartoon’s intro redone and redrawn in HD

Mar 20

Video of the Day: Casey Jones is Fu**ing crazy dude!!!