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May 29

Kevin Eastman speaks with PART 2

Eastman continues his interview with to discuss the upcoming Paramount TMNT Movie, drawing Casey Jones, and a possibly Heavy Metal movie. Click here to read the full interview.

Apr 26

Hilarious TMNT parody from Stan Lee’s Word of Heroes

Feb 26

Introducing Geeks Auctions, where being geek can earn you cash!

geek logo 3.2

Hello there fellow Turtles,

First of all i would like to thank on being such a great fans following and commenting on my sites (whether it is this one, DailyMarvelite, or These site would have been nothing without you guys.

I also would like to introduce my new Auctions site: Geeks Auctions.

Geeks Auctions is an auction site made by a geek (me!) for other geeks and fans. Geeks Auctions will allow you to make some extra cash by selling your geeky unneeded belongings (such as games, controllers, comics, electronics etc) to other geeks around the world.

Why would you use Geeksauctions instead of ebay or other famous auction site is hear? Well for the simple reason that Geeksauctions, unlike the other famous sites, offer FREE LISTING. Free listing of course means that you will lose nothing by putting you item for sale, as you will not pay anything for posting your items.

Geeksauctions also offer the cheapest final value fee available on the net, If your item sells successfully.

So plz take some time and visit Geeksauctions, register, and start making some cash, as it turns out that being a geek can (and will) make you rich ;-)

Feb 26

Preview/Review of the excellent Secret History of The Foot Clan #3


Releasing tomorrow, The secret History of The Foot Clan #3 will knock your socks off!

While we will be releasing the full review soon enough let’s go ahead and give a score for this amazing third issue of a stellar series:

Score: 10/10 (The first perfect score given by this site)

May 29

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #10 Preview


Coming out tomorrow, the 10th issue of the excellent, ongoing, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IDW comics, will surprise most fans with an unexpected reveal. Make sure to read our review, coming out in few hours, to find out how good is this issue. Until then, enjoy the preview pages below:

Mar 20

You can now follow TMNTlair on Twitter!


You can now follow on twitter and be able to get updates on the go about the latest TMNT news.

Follow us by clicking on the link below: