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Mar 24

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II is on its way

Teenage Mutants Ninja Turtles II will begin filming in the Turtle’s hometown of New York this April. New York residents and mayor  are excited about the return of the turtles to New York as it brings them jobs and approximately 70 Million Dollars. Bill De Blasio, New York City mayor was quoted saying that “New York knows how to host blockbuster films” and that he “Looks forward to the many jobs this will bring to our local economy.”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II will have Michael Bay returning as the film’s producer, as well as having Megan Fox returning as April O’Neil and Will Arnett as Vernon Fenwick. Bebop and Rock steady will also be in the second Turtles Movie. We are looking forward to seeing the turtles back in action in 2016.

Check back later for more updates on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II.

Mar 27

First Trailer for New Turtles movie hits the internet today

Today, Paramount unleashed the first trailer for the upcoming reboot of
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The trailer was distributed to a select few via a Pizza Hut delivery in
which the recipient could use the website and the
password “ooze” to view the new trailer online.  Within seconds, word
about the new trailer spread across the internet…

Having had the opportunity to view the first ninety second trailer gives
one a really excited feeling of exactly how great this upcoming Turtles
reboot is actually going to be.    The trailer starts off telling us just
how bad the city of New York has become with crime….

“Crime, violence and fear have run rampant.  Our great city is being
destroyed.  People want justice restored to this world.  People want
heroes… But heroes aren’t born…They are created…”

With this, we can see just how dark New York City has become.  Will, the
new Turtles movie have a darkness about it?  The coolest part of the new
trailer is the indication that we get of the Turtles personalities in the
final seconds of the trailer as Michelangelo drops down in front of April
O’Neil (played by Megan Fox) and sensing she is frightened, he removes his
eye mask and says, “Chill, it’s just a mask. Don’t freak out…”

Jul 01

The Shredder’s real name in Bay’s upcoming Ninja turtles is….

William Fichtner Shredder William Fichtner Talks Shredder in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reboot

“Eric Sachs”. 

Yep, it is not Oruku Saki, the great warrior from Japan, no it is a dude called Eric. this is according to the actor playing the role, William Fichtner. I am just not gonna say anything more than this: The shredder’s name is Eric. Below is the actor’s full statement:

I actually play a guy named Eric Sachs [Sounds like Sachs? Hard to understand] in the movie. And then he goes through a few stages in his existence. But Turtles is coming together very, very cool. There is a whole interesting dynamic that happens in the world of Turtles and all I can really say about it at this point while working on it is that the Turtle film, it’s not like anything that I remember about the Turtles before. I feel like this Michael Bay-produced movie is just gonna really be something else. I’m pretty excited.”



source: Screen Rant

Jun 23

Willian Fichtner is The Shredder!

In another WTF moment in the series of news coming from the sets of Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, William Fichter has confirmed, in this interview, that he indeed plays the Shredder.

Yes i know he is not asian nor a martial artist. Wether he is the rumored Colonel Shrader (a re-imagining of Oruku Saki into a us army general) or the same bad ass ninja master we love remains to be seen.

While Fichtner is a very talented actor, i still feel that this is pretty messed up if you asked me, but we will see how this turns out and won’t jump to conclusion before seeing the movie when it premieres next year.

What do you guys think?



May 09

First look at the Trutles actors and possibly the Foot Clan from the set of TMNT movie reboot

May 08

Movie Logo, April’s yellow jumpsuit and Vernon, confirmed for the TMNT movie reboot

More set pictures from TMNT movie has found their way online. In today’s selection we get our first look at the Movie Logo, which brings back the words “Teenage Mutant, April (Fox) in her iconic yellow jumpsuit and Will Arnett’s role who turns out to be Vernon (the camera man from the 80’s cartoon). Check them out below:


May 07

April O’neil is a Channel 6 news reporter in the upcoming TMNT movie reboot!

New pictures taken from the set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie have surfaced and they show Megan Fox (April O’neil) holding a Channel 6 microphone, hinting that Miss Oneil is a Chanel 6 news reporter, much like her 1987 Cartoon debut. check them out below:

Clearly this was producer Michael Bay's idea: Megan Fox was spotted bouncing away for a scene in Paramount's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in New York Tuesday

Hop to it: The Jennifer's Body star, who turns 27 later this month, hopped away in a cleavage-baring lavender vest under a black hoodie, black leggings, ankle weights, and Nike plimsollsHop to it: The Jennifer's Body star, who turns 27 later this month, hopped away in a cleavage-baring lavender vest under a black hoodie, black leggings, ankle weights, and Nike plimsolls
Reporting or exercising? Fox appeared to be your average aerobics class student except for the fact that she clutched a Channel 6 microphone throughout her exercise

Channel 6 reporter: The mic was a telling prop as fans now know that her character April O'Neil is indeed a reporter - not a computer programmer or warrior as penned in the comic books

Waiting for the big reveal: Megan has yet to don her character April O'Neil's iconic yellow jumpsuit since she began filming the movie last Saturday

May 04

First look at Megan Fox as April O’neil from the set of Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles movie reboot

Apr 28

TMNT Fans rejoice!!! The Turtles are back to been Mutants in the Ninja Turtles Movie reboot

A year ago, or so, Ninja Turtles reboot producer, Michael Bay, broke the internet when he announced that the turtles will be aliens from outer space and that the movie will be called Ninja Turtles, removing the words “Teenage Mutant”. Fans went berserk and outraged at the blasphemy. Things did not go any better when a supposed script for the movie leaked proving that not only the Turtles and Splinter are from another planet, but that Shredder is now Colonel Shrader, a military dude who reveals himself at the end of the movie as an alien with spikes coming out of his body.

Things got better for us fans couple weeks ago when Paramount showed the movie logo, at CinemaCon, and the words “Teenage Mutant” were back. And now finally speaking about the controversy to Moviphone, Mr Bay himself confirmed that the Turtles will not be aliens and that the movie will be sticking, very closely, to the source material.

Apr 19

BREAKING NEWS: Turtles movie reboot officially renamed “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”


The past year has seen some crazy turn of events regarding Paramount’s upcoming TMNT movie reboot. First rumored that the turtles would be aliens, and later confirmed in a leaked script, then Bay officially announces the movie title as “Ninja Turtles” dropping the flagship words “Mutant” and “Teenage”. Things got even worse when paramount announced a delay in production signing the movie being in trouble.

But everything seems to be getting better now, as the script has been rewritten by Evan Daugherty, filming has just started, and to everyone’s surprise, Paramout showed the first logo for the movie during their CinemaCon presentation, and the logo clearly reads “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”

Does this mean our four favorite heroes are once again mutated turtles instead of aliens from another planet ? We sure hope so!

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