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Jun 28

Casey Jones Officially Joins the second season of Nick’s TMNT


The reckless hockey mask’s wearing fan favorite Casey Jones has been confirmed for the second season of Nick’s Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles.

Nickelodeon has revealed to THR that the character will be voiced by Josh Peck. More info will be revealed at the show panel during next month’s Comic Con. Ans amazing posted, seen below, will also go for sale, and is giving us our first look at casey Jones:


source: THR

Jun 25

Check out this awesome Leonardo trailer for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shadows

Jun 25

TMNT #23 Preview: City Fall Continues

The second chapter of the latest TMNT Arc, City Fall, comes out tomorrow. I had the opportunity to read the issue and all i can say is that is a masterpiece, both in writing and Art. Never a comic issue had some many artist and made it work, beautifully, like IDW’s TMNT #23. Check out the preview below:

Jun 23

Willian Fichtner is The Shredder!

In another WTF moment in the series of news coming from the sets of Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, William Fichter has confirmed, in this interview, that he indeed plays the Shredder.

Yes i know he is not asian nor a martial artist. Wether he is the rumored Colonel Shrader (a re-imagining of Oruku Saki into a us army general) or the same bad ass ninja master we love remains to be seen.

While Fichtner is a very talented actor, i still feel that this is pretty messed up if you asked me, but we will see how this turns out and won’t jump to conclusion before seeing the movie when it premieres next year.

What do you guys think?



Jun 04

New TMNT Out of the Shadows Trailer focuses on Donatello

Check out the latest trailer for TMNT: Out Of The Shadows Video game focusing on Donatello:

May 29

TMNT #22 Preview and Review


Review: The wait is finally over, and IDW’sTMNT’s most anticipated arc, City Fall is at hand. The issue dives into the story right for the first page, as we learn The Shredder is Planning Something big. Shredhead’s plan includes capturing Raph and Casey to lure the rest of the turtles into a trap. Without spoiling much, the story is a real page turner and full of shock and awe. The great Tom Waltz is definitely at his finest with Issue #22.

The art is also as beautiful as ever, as Santa Louco’s art is fantastic, especially the fight panels, that feature the most fluid and dynamic drawn action we have seen in a long time. City Fall’s first issue is simply superb and fans where were hyped by the storyline will not be disappointed. All we have to do now is start counting the days until Issue 23 gets released. Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles #22 will hit store shelves tomorrow. Make sure to get your copy!

Score: 10/10   (Superb)

May 21

Preview/Review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Villains Micro-Series: Baxter Stockman


A new Micro-Series Villain issue is dropping on the shelves tomorrow. This time we are treated to the back story of the evil Dr Baxter Stockman. so how does this new issue fares? Keep reading to find out:

The story, written by Erik Burnham, picks up where the Krang war story arc left off. We get to see what is old Stockman is up to, while we get to know more about his childhood and how much influence is father had on him. The story also foreshadows what comes next in term of the character’s story arc and i can say that fans of the old cartoon will be pleased, yet, taken completely by surprise. I will not into into more spoilery details, so make sure to get the issue once it comes out.

May 17

Leonardo goes to the Dark side in these City Fall teasers

City Fall, the upcoming IDW TMNT story arc will kick in very soon, and to wet your appetite on what to expect, below are two images that shows us Leo joining the darkside, as long as his new look, as Shredder’s Lieutenant:



May 13

The next BIG TMNT event is about to start! Get ready for City Fall!!!!


Next week will mark the debut of an explosive TMNT story arc that will change the turtles forever. The new arc promises twits and surprises as well as characters we have not seen in the IDW continuity. Tom Waltz and KEvin Eastman have sat down with the good folks at CBR to discuss this upcoming event. Below is a part of that interview:

CBR News: With “City Fall” approaching, can you bring readers up to date on what’s been happening with the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” so far?


Tom Waltz: Well, the Turtles, alongside their father Splinter and good friends April O’Neil and Casey Jones, have experienced a number of highs and lows since we first began the series at IDW. We learned early on that the mutated turtles and their rat father are, in fact, reincarnated ninja from Feudal Japan, having been ruthlessly executed by Splinter’s (nee Hamato Yoshi) arch-rival from that same time period, one Oroku Saki.

May 13

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows Raphael Trailer

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