Jul 01

The Shredder’s real name in Bay’s upcoming Ninja turtles is….

William Fichtner Shredder William Fichtner Talks Shredder in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reboot

“Eric Sachs”. 

Yep, it is not Oruku Saki, the great warrior from Japan, no it is a dude called Eric. this is according to the actor playing the role, William Fichtner. I am just not gonna say anything more than this: The shredder’s name is Eric. Below is the actor’s full statement:

I actually play a guy named Eric Sachs [Sounds like Sachs? Hard to understand] in the movie. And then he goes through a few stages in his existence. But Turtles is coming together very, very cool. There is a whole interesting dynamic that happens in the world of Turtles and all I can really say about it at this point while working on it is that the Turtle film, it’s not like anything that I remember about the Turtles before. I feel like this Michael Bay-produced movie is just gonna really be something else. I’m pretty excited.”



source: Screen Rant

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