Mar 20

Review/PReview of Secret History of the foot Clan: The mini Series ends with a bang!

The secret history of the foot took us all by surprise, as the previous issues offered strong storytelling and beautiful art. this final issue is no exception, except for an odd design change for some of the turtles.

Without spoiling the story, Secret History of The Foot Clan #4 concludes the mini series and offers many answers to those wondering about the history of the shredder. Not only do we learn how he came to power, but also how he was resurrected and why does he have against Krang. Top notch story telling i tell you that ;)

In terms of art, it is still vibrant and beautiful, however i couldn’t help but notice a slight change in the way Mike and Donny have been portrayed. It is as if they were deaged to look more like the Nick cartoon counterpart. Their heads are smaller and eyes got bigger, you can even notice a slight tooth gap on Donatello. while i am not against the idea of making them look more like the, successful, Nick cartoon, i think we will soon have an ongoing new TMNT comics that is the same universe as the show, and that should be enough. So i am hoping Snatlouco will go back to the previous issues design when he tackles the main series starting from issue #21.

Score: 9/10

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