Jun 07

PIMI for Issue #10 with Tom Waltz

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #10 came out last week to stellar reviews. The shocking revelation of Shredder’s identity open up many questions. And who was the mysterious figure watching Casey and April? Keep reading to get some hints from Series writer Tom Waltz.

Q1: What a shocker, finding out Shredder’s Identity as being Oruku Saki, when will we know his secret of long life, or is it Resurrection ?

TW: Yep, I was hoping that would throw a few folks for a loop (hopefully in a good way). Safe to say, however, we do have a story in place for how it is Saki is here and in the flesh again, and we’ll start giving clues to how it has happened starting with issue #13. I can’t say much yet other than Karai has played a pivotal role in the events leading to Saki’s return.


Q2: When Casey and April were leaving the antique shop, a mysterious figure was watching them. How soon will we know who this person is?

TW:You will meet that person in issue #11, along with a few other new faces to our IDW TMNT universe. I have big plans for these characters and hope to present them in both familiar and fresh ways as our ongoing series progresses.


Q3: The Shredder played a very minor yet very important role in the Mirage comics. Can we expect a more prominent villain role in the IDW comic, since i would really hate to see him fall from a building and die in issue 11

TW: Definitely, our Shredder is, without a doubt, a BIG BAD and will play a major role in many of the calamitous events yet to come in our series.


Q4: Seeing Shredder along with Karai, the Foot and Alopex made me wish a mutated Bebop And Rocksteady were there as well. Any chance this might happen soon ?

TW: You never know what mutant(s) will pop up in future issues — keep reading to find out!


That’s all folks. I hope you enjoy this new Site features.

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