Mar 30

Newsarama Preview and interview for the upcoming Leonardo Micro series

Next month will see the release of the 4th Ninja Turtles Micro series issue, this time focusing on Leonardo. The story will mark the first time the turtles will come face to face with the foot Clan.

Newsrama interviewed the micro series writer Brian Lynch and the talented artist Ross Campbel about this upcoming issue.

From the interview: ”

Nrama: In the solicits it says this issue will show the first-ever battle between the Turtles and the Foot Clan. What’s it like to plan out such a pivotal moment in the mythos?

Lynch: I couldn’t believe my luck. When we discussed the events, I kept waiting for my editors Bobby Curnow or Tom Waltz, or Nickelodeon to say “wait, maybe we should save this for the regular series.” It’s the moment when Luke Skywalker meets his first Storm Trooper. Except Leo’s cooler than Luke Skywalker. The whole issue has a weight to it that the others don’t, it’s an epic story.


To Read the full Interview click here

Newsarama also posted the below black and white images preview of what seems to be a must have, beautifully drawn, issue (Click on the image to enlarge)

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