Mar 25

TMNT Co-Creator Peter Laird responds to the reboot Director’s statements

Peter Laird is at it again! the out-spoken Co-creator who clearly stated that the alien turtles will be awful, posted a new comment in response to the recently released Jonathan Liebesman statements about the upcoming movie reboot. Below is what peter wrote:

Peter Laird: “I read the director’s comments and found them to be vague and open to different interpretations… one of the most obvious of which is, sadly, that the Turtles are from an alien race. Which is exactly what Michael Bay said. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”

So there you have it folks, the hottest Ninja turtles debate is still going on! Do agree with Peter about the vagueness of the statements? Or do you believe in the TMNT reboot crew ? Let us know in the comments section


source: Peter Laird Blog

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