Mar 23

TMNT Co-Creator Kevin Eastman praises Michael Bay’s vision

It seems the drama surrounding Michael bay’s TMNT announcement is far from over. After various TMNT related actors, artists and even the Co-creator Peter Laird voiced their opinion, the second C-creator Kevin Eastman (who is still involved with TMNT in the form of the current IDW comics) took a stance today by releasing the following statement:

Kevin Eastman – Hey Guys, Sorry to have been away for so long–completely swamped with work–but it is some pretty exciting stuff. I had been invited to check out the TMNT film development by my friend Scott Mednick over the years, and a while back had a full look behind the curtian at what writers Appelbaum and Nemec, director Liebesman, and producer Bay are doing–and trust me–it IS AWESOME. I’m officially on board, and will share more as I’m allowed… thanks all!

So it seems Kevin knows more about Bay’s vision that makes him believe in the derection the TMNT movie reboot is taking. After hearing such a positive statement, will the fans finally take the “chill” pill michael bay offered yesterday ? Only time will tell.

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