Mar 20

More possible info regarding the TMNT upcoming movie reveal the main Villain ?

This past weeks was really marked with the news of the upcoming TMNT movie reboot. We first heard of an official release date (which is December 23rd 2013) and then producer Michael Bay hinted at a re-imagining of the origin story making the turtles from an alien race. It seem the trend continues with more “possible” info.

According to firstshowing.net, the Turtles in the upcoming movie are going to be part of a race of inter-dimensional race, and the main villain that the alien turtles will be going against is none other than Krang.  According to the same website, Krang will have an exo-suit and the technodrome will also be featured.

We should note that Krang is a character who as specifically created for the 80’s ninja turtles cartoon series, and was portrayed as an arrogant dictator from the far dimension-X, and most of the time Shredder’s boss. In appearance, Krang resembles the Utroms, a benevolent alien race featured in the original mirage comics, and whom were directly responsible for the birth of the turtles. Krang operates a robot like suit (an exoskeleton) and possesses the giant technodrome, a sphere like, giant moving vehicle that came from dimension x that serves as Krang and Shredder’s base of operation.

Krang was heavily rumored to be the antagonist of the third Ninja Turtles movie, but was ultimately proven fake since Ninja Turtles III (the weakest of the 3 movies) featured the turtles going back in time to fight an evil Japanese war-lord.

Krang has also recently made an appearance in the ongoing IDW rebooted comics series. In the new comics, krang is a general from Dimension x and also wears an exoskeleton. Unlike his cartoon version, the Krang in the comics is a more serious threat and one that seems to posses great fire power and technology.

Now whether this info about Krang being the antagonist of the upcoming movie is valid or nor will remain to be seen, until then let us all enjoy the speculation that will sure follow this TMNT movie-heavy week.


source: firstshowing

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