Mar 20

Infestation2: TMNT #2 coming out tomorrow, check out the 8 pages preview

Tomorrow will mark the release of the second, and final, issue of the TMNT infestation2 mini series. Infestation 2 is a global IDW event which spans across all of the current IDW comics. The first issue of Infestation#2 TMNT came out on the 7th on this month and followed the four turtles as they investigate the appearance of strange creatures in the sewers.

Besides being not in the main TMNT IDW comics continuity, the first issue references couple events from the main stories. I was not expecting much from his mini series, and without going into details, the first issue was a really good surprise which had a solid and decent art. A good addition to the TMNT comics and a recommended buy for the ninja turtles fans.

Enough talking about issue 1, and let’s focus on issue #2 which is hitting store shelves tomorrow. The official synopsis of Infestation#2 TMNT #2 reads as follow:

One of the Turtles have been taken by the things in the dark depths of the sewers, and it’s up to the other brothers to save him. To do so, they will have to navigate the labyrinthine passage ways of the lost sewers and do battle with mind-bending monstrosities. If they fail, not only will their brother be lost, but the entire world as well!

To go with the above description, the folks over Comicbookressources have posted an 8 pages preview of the issue. check them out after the jump (click to enlarge):



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